Rheem - Trusted by Kiwis

Rheem - Trusted by Kiwis

Rheem has been a trusted name in New Zealand since the company was formed in 1958.

Rheem started with gas fired mains pressure water heaters and low pressure electric cylinders moving through to mains pressure electric in 1973. Even in the early days, Rheem was at the leading edge of hot water heating technology quickly expanding its range to offer the best products for domestic and commercial water heating needs.

Remember the old wall mounted Zip that would whistle when the water was boiled? Rheem continues to evolve its technology and has created a range of super smart Lazer® boiling water appliances as well as the Rheem ‘On-Tap’ instant boiling and chilled water dispensing tap – a first for New Zealand manufacturing.

Rheem New Zealand is part of a trusted global family of brands. Its highly skilled and committed Research and Development team right here in New Zealand continues to improve water heating technology for future generations to benefit from.

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