Continuous Gas Hot Water

Enjoy an endless supply of hot water while saving on your energy bills.

Whether you're after a brand new hot water system for your house, or replacing an old hot water cylinder with a continuous flow system, SafeGas has you covered with product and installation.


What is a Continuous Gas Hot Water System?

Continuous Gas Water Heaters burns gas to heat the water when needed. When you turn on the hot tap, water passes through the system allowing only the water you need to be heated, saving the need to constantly keep water heated like a hot water cylinder does. This also allows unlimited water to be heated as it doesn't require any pre-heating to be done.

Continuous Gas Heaters can be run on both natural gas and LPG bottles.

Rinnai continuous hot water system

Why Choose Continuous Gas Hot Water?


You only pay for the water you use. No stored hot water which can significantly reduce your yearly running costs. Natural gas fuel price per kW is close to a third that of power which can save 60% of electricity costs. LPG Bottles while not as efficient still save nearly 30%.


More Space

Continuous Gas Hot Water systems can be installed outside freeing up valuable space in your home. If you choose an internal gas hot water system, it can be installed in a central location which may reduce pipe length as well time taken for the hot water to reach the tap.


Unlimited Hot Water

Unlike hot water cylinders which always require heating, you only pay for the water you use saving on energy. Great for households that want unlimited hot water.


Why Choose SafeGas?


SafeGas has been providing New Zealand Homes with Gas Hot Water Systems for over 20 years. Our main brands we sell and install are Rheem and Rinnai, though we also service and can get parts for other brands including popular ones such as Paloma.

SafeGas can provide you with everything you need to get gas in your home. We are approved retailers, installers and warranty agents for major brands. We are approved connection partners of Vector, allowing us to connect your home to the gas network, or we can install LPG bottled gas systems and appliances in areas without reticulated gas.

Not only can SafeGas arrange everything you need for gas in your home, from connection to appliance supply, we give every customer a Lifetime Warranty on all work we carry out. This means if something isn't right as a result of our workmanship, we will fix it, no matter if it's 2 months old or 20 years old.

Whether you have a small residential house or a larger commercial building that needs hot water, SafeGas has different models to cover you. Call us today on 092731515 or fill out the form below for a quote and advice to suit your needs.


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