Rinnai Innovation

Rinnai Innovation

Innovation should be our middle name

Our world class Research and Development division ensures we use innovative technology that creates hard working products that are easy to use.

Beautiful and clever design means everything

When you choose a Rinnai product we want you to be proud of it. This means we design first-rate products that incorporate the latest thinking in design and function. We understand that beauty and brains are a winning combo.

Efficiency is king

Up to a third of New Zealand’s domestic energy use is consumed for water heating.* We take every opportunity to improve the efficiency of our products in the knowledge that this will reduce your running costs and hopefully shrink those awful power bills.

We think responsibly and care about our environment

With the world’s limited resources we all have a responsibility to make the most of what we have. In 2013 Rinnai implemented a full environmental program and gained ISO 14001 accreditation.

Rinnai environmental policy

Rinnai globally are also committed to delivering appliances with excellent features in terms of safety and peace of mind, comfort, and the environment. Rinnai's 2018 CSR report details what we have been doing to achieve this.