Rinnai iHeat Ducted Central Heating System

Rinnai iHeat Ducted Central Heating System

The Rinnai iHeat is a ducted home heating system that uses hot water from your Rinnai Infinity continuous flow water heater to warm air and circulate it around your home.

The Rinnai iHeat is approved by the Asthma Foundations Sensitive Choice programme and comes with features that may reduce the likelihood of an allergic reaction for customers with asthma or allergies.

Whole home heating that is fast and efficient. With the same high efficiency as your Rinnai Infinity continuous flow water heater and heat output of 20 kW, the Rinnai iHeat will be efficient and fast at heating your home.

Suitable for:

  • Homes with a gas connection and an existing Rinnai Infinity (or planned installation of a continuous flow hot water unit).
  • Homes where the iHeat unit can be installed in a ceiling space, or under the floor—subject to the clearances. The unit cannot be positioned outside.
  • Heating area: Up to 250 m² (depending on where you live)
  • Number of outlets: 3-12 (each outlet provides approx.1.8 kW)

Key benefits and features:

  • Whole home heating: even temperature across the entire home.
  • Comfort all year around: no more electric blankets, hot water bottles, winter duvets or slippers.
  • Dry windows: reduces the mould and mildew on windowsills.
  • Air quality: maintains the air quality for a healthy breathing environment. The warm temperature reduces winter illnesses associated with breathing cold air.
  • Unit out of sight: no bulky heating appliances in living spaces, giving you space for the furniture you actually want in your room.
  • Cost saving: if you already have a Rinnai Infinity then you already own the engine to drive the iHeat.
  • Energy efficiency: approximately the same efficiency as the Rinnai Infinity. Over 80% depending on the model and ducting.
  • No additional gas line required: uses the Rinnai Infinity as the engine for the iHeat.
  • Closed loop hydronic system: water used by the iHeat is returned to the Rinnai Infinity for reheating, not wasted.
  • Powerful heating: 20kW and up to 25kW in some situations. Heats the home quickly.
  • Programmable timers: wake up or come home to a thoroughly warm house. Four different time blocks during each of the 7 days – wake, day, evening, sleep.

“The Rinnai iHeat has changed our lives. Over the entire winter my 1 and 3 year old kids had no visits to the doctor compared to the year before when we had 5 visits. The kids sleep easily, even with my son kicking off all his bedding in the middle of the night.”Ben Williamson

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Rinnai iHeat Ducted Central Heating System
Rinnai iHeat Ducted Central Heating System

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