Gas Hot Water

Gas Hot Water

SafeGas are very good at matching any demand with hot water at the right temperature. From a small residential unit to large commercial applications.

Never, Run Out of Hot Water Again!

Turn on the tap and enjoy the luxury of endless hot water.

Mostly new homes choose a gas continuous flow hot water system, you'll have all the hot water you could ever need for your bathroom, kitchen and laundry. What's more, with a temperature controller the water is always heated to the exact temperature you select.

Try a Continuous Flow Hot Water System Today!

SafeGas convert many existing homes from Power stored hot water to continuous flow, recovering valuable cupboard space and the luxurious feel from the higher mains pressure.

SafeGas supply and install the following brands:

"Enjoying the hot water. Appreciate the professionalism with which your installer went about the job. Had a convincing answer to all my queries. Great Job!!!" Mr Philip of Farm Cove, Auckland

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