Bonaire Ducted Warm Air Central Heating

Underfloor installation

Underfloor installation

Ceiling installation

Ceiling installation

Bonaire is our best selling central heating system.
Supply and installed price of MB4 20KW, an excellent machine, complete with a wireless navigator, hi-temperature/strength Unilok duct and 6 standard heat outlets in the floor or ceiling.

A great Australian brand, well represented in NZ, used to be known as Vulcan and has progressed to the MB series we sell today. SafeGas are pleased to offer this product, we have Bonaire units set up in our workshop for installer and technician training purposes, ensuring SafeGas can easily and correctly set up your machine perfectly to match your home. Zoned heating is the key to lower running costs.

Bonaire has a very simple, user friendly controller, The Navigator. We love this device, with a big display that lights up, obvious prompts and information display make it so easy to set times, temperatures and modes from the comfort of your couch. It is the most user friendly yet totally functional controller we have seen on the market.

For whole or partial heating, ventilation, you cannot get better performance or value than Bonaire gas ducted central heating system. The system will heat quickly, prevent condensation issues and reduce humidity in summer. Only Bonaire MB4 and MB5 units can reduce output down to 10% of the heating capacity, therefore can be zoned to heat a single room, like an office or a child's bedroom! Making the Bonaire system the most versatile and potentially the cheapest ducted Central heater to run. Our most popular zoning choice is a split system living zone and sleeping zone.

Features & Benefits

  • Instant heat to your whole house.
  • No unsightly wall fixtures.
  • Total temperature control 24 hours a day.
  • Zoned heating options for individual comfort and lower running costs.
  • Greatly reduced condensation.
  • Fresh air ventilation and cooling options.
  • Star energy efficient models available.

    How Does Gas Ducted Central Heating Work?

    A gas ducted central heating system is where heated air is distributed throughout the home by a network of ducts, usually in the roof cavity or under the floor. Air is heated in a heat exchanger, which is heated by clean burning gas. The warm air enters each room through an outlet located in the floor, ceiling or wall.

    The heated air is then re-circulated through an inlet (Return Grille) that is normally centrally located and may be in the wall or ceiling. This air is then passed back over the heat exchanger, heated and re-circulated.

    With heating a house we normally required 5 air changes per hour to keep warm. With cooling, the number of air changes increases to 10. The size of the heat exchanger is determined therefore by the size of the house, heating or cooling, insulation, building materials, windows and local climatic conditions.
    "Please convey our compliments to the team for the polite and efficient way in which our Bonaire system has been installed. Great communication, arrived each day as advised and kept us up to date with progress. At present using only the Partial Fresh Air System which certainly has a great air flow. Regards" Mr Sharrem of Manurewa, Auckland

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