A solution tailored to fit your home….

To fit your home and budget the Bonaire range consists of a range of furnaces that differ in terms of heating capacity (kW/h) and energy efficiency (NZ energy star rating).

We offer a gas central heating solution for every home with 3 models in a variety of sizes:

When considering the different models you should also factor in the payback over a period of time – where the Bonaire MB3 will have a lower installation cost in year 1 in comparison to the Bonaire MB5, the MB5’s higher operating efficiency of 95% compared to the MB3’s 85% means the MB5 will achieve an additional 10% energy savings per annum.

Also to be considered is that the MB4 and MB5 series have exclusive features such as zone control, longer warranty and burner modulation.

The Bonaire system features the following options: